Von Gutenberg Latex Fashion Ball Weekend Feb 26 to 28, 2015


The Von Gutenberg Latex Fashion Ball Weekend 2015

3rd annual one-of-a-kind lifestyle party weekend returns to Miami bigger and better then before

Erik Von Gutenberg and Robert Frost, present the 3rd annual Von Gutenberg Latex Fashion Ball. Erik is the photographer/magazine publisher of the global latex lifestyle quarterly Von Gutenberg Magazine. Robert Frost runs Submission South Beach, a purveyor and promoter of lifestyle entertainment in greater Miami and across Florida. Partnering for the 3rd year in a row Erik and Robert present this first-of-the-year must-attend getting together of fashionistas and fans for a full weekend of partying, Feb 26-28th, at host hotel Aloft Miami Brickell in the glorious party city of Miami.

The line-up of talent and activities for the 2015 weekend will deliver more thrills than ever before. DJ’s Danny Bled and Ray Milian will be on hand to keep the sounds pumping all night, and there will be an extra special performance from Germany’s own Nina de Lianin.

Nina de Lianin or Divina as she is also known throughout the world, is an actress, model and performer of singular acclaim. As the lead singer of the German electro band In Strict Confidence, as well as working in musical theatre productions of every style, Nina is as well versed in Broadway broadsides as she is in the wild solo theatrical pieces that make her especially suited for the provocative performance she will delighting the V.G. Latex Fashion Ball audience with.

Nina’s performance alone is worth the price of admission.

“Every year Robert and I work hard to present a full weekend of fun attendees will be talking about the entire year…until the next ball,” Erik says. “We really do regard The Fetish Ball as more than just one night of alternative fashion and partying. Aloft provides us with a great home base for a full weekend of fun, networking and partying. And truly, where else but in Miami could we host an event like this? Robert knows this city, its people and love for latex couture. It is a match made in heaven.”

Aloft Miami Brickell is located at located at 1001 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33130. Tickets for the ball and all other information can be found here: www.vongutenberg.com select category VG Ball or go directly to www.vongutenberg.com/shop

Begin your 2015 off right by attending the one event no true latex fan can miss, the The Von Gutenberg Latex Fashion Ball.


As the world’s leading high-end luxury niche brand Von Gutenberg strives to empower the feminine mystique by presenting ever divergent points of view and forever championing the many artisans who work tirelessly to reveal their unique visions to the world. The Von Gutenberg portal-magazine, website, ebooks, social network-unfurls a multi-media canvas that consistently proves to the authority for consumers, fans and fashionistas with that special taste for latex couture.


Submission South Beach features promotes the very best lifestyle entertainment in greater Miami with their monthly party in Miami South Beach and events across the South Florida area. Featuring amazing music with their lead DJ Danny Bled, as well as local and global entertainers both, the dedication and instinct of Submission South Beach owner/promoter Robert Frost assures attendees flying-in from all over the globe that a Submission event is not to be missed.

Text from Editor in chief: Ralph Greco Jr., Von Gutenberg Magazine

3 Latex Fashions That Should Be Staples in Your Wardrobe

iStock_000019436720SmallIf you’re just getting into the fabulous world of latex fashion, you may be unfamiliar with what clothing and accessories are worth the purchase. While there is an array of high-quality latex couture available, there are some basic wares that should be in your closet (and lingerie drawer). So, which are a must for your new collection? Here are three luxe pieces that are necessary for any latex-loving lady.


Dating back to the 1500s, corsets were a mainstay on the bodies of women in the French court and, by the 1700s, they were worn by just about every woman in Europe. Corsets were designed to elevate the breasts and also pull in and reshape the waist in order to create a perfect hourglass figure. Today, corsets are used in a similar fashion, however, now they’re much more than undergarments. The traditional corset can still be worn to trim one’s figure, but you can also get the same effects with a fashion corset, such as those made of latex. The best thing about fashion corsets is that they can easily be intermixed with other saucy pieces, particularly sexy lingerie made of different materials. Pair your corset with a nylon body stocking or garters to complete your fashionable latex look. As noted in a guide over at “Adam and Eve,” lace and silk also make perfect materials to combine with a simple latex corset, especially if the corset is in a staple color like black or red. Remember you can always build on your collection, so try a simple latex corset before moving on to a more extravagant design.


Whether you rock a knee-skimming pencil skirt or a short mini, skirts made of latex are another necessity for the latex wearers. Available in a range of colors, cuts, and designs, latex skirts can be worn as part of a suit or with another hot latex piece. These miniskirts are popular with both latex lovers and those not in the scene. Even mainstream trendsetters are opting for sexy, hip-hugging, thigh-revealing skirts made of latex. Similarly, lengthy latex skirts are making waves in the fashion world as celebs like Rihanna have been spotted in long, latex numbers.


Besides corsets, latex tops come in a variety of different cuts, many of which are belly bearing. While some of these pieces are cut much like bikini tops or bras, others have additional cutouts, particularly around the nipple region. Latex tube tops and halters are two types you may want to consider before bras that show full on boob. Once you’re ready to expand your collection with racier pieces, you can ad extras like nipple tassels or pasties to these breast-exposing tops.

Other Latex Fashion Pieces

When it comes to other latex items to match your skirt, you have quite a few options at your disposal depending on the type of skirt you go for. As a result, choose a style in something that coordinates well with other key latex pieces in your wardrobe. Remember to fully investigate how each of these styles look on you before going with a specific latex skirt. A mini may show off too much, while a knee-length piece may not be revealing enough for your taste.Attractive sexy girl in fetish wear. Orgasm